Latest News: Alexis Lombre Participates in Interview on Jazz and Democracy

Alexis_Lombre_outdoor_photo resized[1]

Jazz is America’s most recognized indigenous art form and the jazz ensemble undoubtedly serves as the perfect model for how well the democratic process can work. The Jazz and Democracy Project® (J&D), based in Oakland, California and founded by Dr. Wesley Watkins IV, Ph.D., is committed to demonstrating how the jazz process can inform us about the intention and execution of American democratic ideals.  The Jazz and Democracy Project® does this by providing workshops and professional development training locally, nationally and internationally to school age children and teachers, respectively.

Representing the voice of younger, aspiring jazz musicians, Chicago based jazz pianist and band leader, Alexis Lombre met with The Jazz and Democracy® Project Founder, Dr. Wes Watkins to discuss the parallels between jazz and democracy as it relates to young people on the bandstand. Her recorded interview has now been incorporated into the J&D Think Tank Curriculum for Teacher Professional Development, along with the interviews of well-established jazz musicians from around the world, such as Wayne Shorter, Christian McBride, Joshua Redman, Layla Hathaway,  Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Rachelle Farrell, Jacky Terrasson, Marcus Miller, and Terence Blanchard.

For more information on The Jazz and Democracy Project® and the J&D Think Tank Curriculum, please visit:

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