Release of Debut Album “Southside Sounds”

Alexis Lombre Southside Sounds (Independent)
Radio Add Date: January, 30, 2017

cover_itunes_2-11. A Blues in Tyne (6:32)
2. Lonely Path (6:24)
3. Shuga (6:23)
4. I’m Tired (6:08)
5. Why I Don’t Know (5:53)
6. Caravan (6:17)

*All songs written & arranged by Alexis Lombre but “Caravan” (J. Tizol & D. Ellington)


Alexis Lombre – piano Rajiv Halim – tenor saxophone (track 1) Irvin Pierce- tenor saxophone (track 3 &5) Ernest Melton – tenor saxophone (track 6) Junius Paul- bass (tracks 1-3,5) James Wenzel- bass (track 4) DeAndre Manning- bass (track 6) Greg Artry- drums (tracks 1-3,5) Jeremiah Collier- drums (track 4) Zach Morrow- drums (track 6)

“Young pianist Alexis Lombre, has a bright future” – Mark Stryker/Detroit Free Press
“Ms. Lombre has a ton of chops and a great melodic sense… If you want to have your mind (and ears) blown, wait ‘til you hear “Blues in Tyne” for you!” – Paul Abella/WDCB Public Radio

When people think of Chicago’s Southside, they typically reference only violence and tragedy, which too often overshadows its beautiful cultural history. This collection of original compositions reflects my attempt to pay homage to this lively artistic, cultural heritage along with some of Chicago’s best musicians.

Now available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.